Quality safety
and protection of the environment

During the past, we have continuously improved the quality and safety areas and adapted them to technical progress.

In addition to the requirements of standardization and regulations, we have attached much importance to the protection of the environment. The optimization of a mixture of our special insulating material allowed us to achieve a standard which, for example, solves disposal issues almost without problems.

As a matter of fact, our insulating material does not contain heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and the like. Poison such as dioxines are not released during a fire.

All these products are the result of long-standing tests and experience in the production of our LWT safety tools. Here, the VDE and IEC regulations are followed without compromise so that the safety area keeps its place for work under voltages. Of course, even in the raw material area for steel, heat treatment, grinding, milling and the like the latest state of technology is always used. During the application, this is shown by considerably better dimensional stability and lifetimes.

In 1976 we started a standard equipment of our products with a

2-colour multi-layer insulation (internally red externally yellow).

Test by domestic and foreign test laboratories ensure continuous quality and safety for the user.

No room for compromise for insulated tools used for work while parts are under voltage.

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