In August 1994, the German version of the European EN 60900 standard 1993 was published.

According to the interim terms mentioned there, the existing mark approvals as per DIN VDE 0680, Part 2: 1978-03, and DIN IEC 78(CO)11/VDE 0680, Part 201: 1983:07 (authorized draft) became unvalid on

August 1, 1999.

This means: after this date (August 1, 1999) products may no longer be produced on the basis of these standards. A further use of existing as well as tools on stock may be continued on application. Since August 1, 1999 the production and testing may only be performed on the basis of the European standard

DIN EN 60900 (VDE 0682, Part 201): 1994, EN 60900: 1993

These products not only differ in their identification, but require production and testing at higher expenses. For a variety of articles, there is no much difference except for the testing requirements with an appropriate identification. For example, single-head wrenches and ring wrenches as well as pliers look as before. However, other insulating material must be used for them so that the more stringent testing requirements are met. As far as their appearance is concerned, these and other articles can only be recognized with their identification. The new identification for certified LWT products is as follows:

Dimension manufacturer identification- VDE-GS mark double triangle-

voltage identification 1000 V Germany EN 60900

year of manufacture as well as LWT article number.

This identification shows that this is a tool certified by the VDE test laboratory in Offenbach according to the EN 60900 standard. In case of so-called dismountable tools (ratchets, sockets, etc.) things are not much different.

To ensure that these parts meet the new and more stringent testing requirements, modifications have to be made. In addition to better insulating materials, these parts have to be produced with an extended collar. Thus, it may occur that tools produced according to the new standard cannot be assembled with those of the old standard.

LWT sockets for wrenches with a 3/8" and " drive which are produced on the basis of the old or new standard all fit to the new ratches as per EN 60900. Only sockets produced according to the new standard do not fit to the ratches of the old standard. Basically, this must be observed when new procurements are planned.

We would like to provide assistance for solving these problems.

Current 0680/2:

EN 60900 new

Test voltage
5 KV at 3% of the series

10 KV on every piece of the series

Determination of the insulating resistance
for 3% of the series

Messung des Ableitstromes
each piece of the series

Cold impact test at 10 degrees C

At 25 degrees C

Heat pressure test at + 60 degrees C

At + 70 degrees C

Other tests must be passed successfully so that the products meet the new requirements as per EN 60900, and meet the state of the art of safety engineering.

Furthermore, LWT safety tools, as far as possible, will be provided with a

2-colour multi-layer insulation (internally red externally yellow)

for supporting VBG 4. For further information we are available.

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